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10 Ways Service Autopilot Will Make Your
Lawn Care Business Better

When you dreamed of starting your lawn care business you probably wanted to make more money — but more than that, you wanted to control your future... you wanted to be free. Service Autopilot is the tool that puts you in control of your business and gives you the freedom you wanted.

The only way to have control is to understand what is going on.  To achieve this you must have an organized business with real-time access to your key business information from anywhere, on any device. Likewise, you can't be in control if you don't understand what your team is doing.

The only way to make more money is to sell more work at your target profit margin. Service Autopilot helps you capture more prospects, convert more leads, sell more work, and increase your profit margin. It also helps you save money. A lot of money.

Business is far more fun when your clients are happy. Service Autopilot makes it possible for your clients to manage their own account, lets you proactively communicate with clients, helps keep your clients in the loop and ultimately ensures you impress your clients.

Nothing creates stress like employee and contractor problems. Service Autopilot will help track them, provide structure and hold them accountable.

Everything in one place. Everything easily accessible. Everything easy to find. Next time someone leaves your company they will be leaving behind an audit trail of knowledge, undone tasks, and past client / lead contact details. Service Autopilot creates simplicity by keeping everything in one place.

When you lay down after a long day, does your mind race with the 50 things you need to do tomorrow and the list of things you forgot to do today. Service Autopilot has a system for keeping up with your promises and your to do's. There is even a system to make sure that the task you asked an employee to do actually gets done.

What would happen if your main computer crashed? Or multiple computers got a virus? Or someone stole your computers? If a computer crashes all you have to do is walk over to another one and you are back in business. Never worry about backups again. No IT guy needed. Everything in one place in one connected system.

When you know your numbers. When you know who your best clients are. When you know you're on top of your game — you can make smart business decisions with confidence. Service Autopilot gives you the ability to be confident.

Wasn't your dream freedom and more income? Service Autopilot will help eliminate your common business problems. You'll get paid faster and have better cash flow. You'll have money to grow. Collections will be under control. Employees will be happy and payroll in check. Your clients will be thrilled and as a result your business and profits will grow.

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We don't sell magic beans or get rich quick. Tomorrow when you start using Service Autopilot you will have all the same stresses, all the same frustrations, all the same annoyances.

But. In the coming weeks and months they will fade if you use the system and implement it throughout your company.

It's not hard... it just takes a little time because you have to continue to run your company while you change and improve your company.


Top 3 Reasons Service Autopilot Is The
Best Lawn Care Estimating Software

Control To be in control of your business you must have 1 system capable of running all aspects of your business. As you grow, everything becomes more difficult to manage. Disconnected computer systems result in management challenges, high costs and low profits.
Growth Profitably growing your company requires optimized websites that do the selling for you. An automated system that manages your print marketing campaigns. An automatic lead gathering and follow-up system. And a systematic process to sell additional services to your clients.
Optimize Optimizing your business requires one system with the intelligence to track, measure and report on all the key aspects of your business. This knowledge makes tweaking, improving and systematizing your business possible.


One System: Schedule, Route, Client & Lead Management, Estimates, Quotes, Tasks, Accounting, Websites (and more).

  Here are just a few of the things Service Autopilot will do for your business...  
  Scheduling & Routing Features  
Scheduling: recurring, one-times, waiting list, packages, programs, custom schedules
Route sheets, work orders, scheduling calendar, scheduling statistics, mobile access
Two unique scheduling systems - use the one that best fits your company
Audit trails, user roles and rights, manage contractors, crews and employees, automatic time tracking, job history
Reassign work in real-time, zone and proximity scheduling. Find the most efficient route, easily move, skip, cancel and reschedule
Routing: built in routing algorithm or use the built in MapPoint integration, drag an drop ordering, map your route in Google Maps, view your business on a map
  Accounting Features  
Auto-invoice based on any frequency — daily, weekly and monthly invoicing, contract invoicing, monthly average billing, print in-advance invoicing
Mange accounts receivable, balances, statements, past due letters, track payments
Full 2-way QuickBooks Sync or use Service Autopilot for your basic accounting
Profit and loss, expense, sales tax and basic financial reporting
Credit card charging (charge 100’s of cards with one click)
Client Portal so clients can pay online, research accounting questions and manage their account
Built in mail service - for an additional fee Service Autopilot will mail your invoices for you (for an additional fee)
Get paid fast with easy invoicing (it’s both automated and automatic)
Email an invoice to a client and know for sure that it was delivered, if it bounced, went to their spam folder, was viewed, etc. We work with all the major email providers to get your email delivered to your clients inbox and not their spam folder
  Client & Lead Management Features  
Service Autopilot is a CRM - you can track anything about your clients and leads from detailed notes, to service and billing history, account balance, communications, etc.
By client or lead you can store documents, images and video
From your website your clients can manage and pay their account online, report problems and ask questions
Work flow - if their is a problem or a client requests an estimate - assign it to an employee and track that it gets done
Manage tasks by client or lead - the system will keep up with your important tasks
Service Autopilot tracks all of your phone calls and communication
Create, in advance, email and letter templates and effortlessly use them to communicate with your clients and leads
  Sales & Marketing Features  
Quickly create and manage your websites from within Service Autopilot
Create marketing emails and letters
Track all communication with your prospects
Know key statistics about your leads, conversion ratios, how they found you, etc.
  Estimate & Quote Features  
Advanced quoting and pricing
Build a custom quoting system with internal call scripts so your team knows exactly what questions to ask when pricing the work
Quickly generate, print or email custom estimates — if emailed, you'll even know if the estimate was opened
Enter your production rates by square footage, count, quantity or any other metric and the system will almost automatically price the work and build your quotes
Know the status of every estimate by sales person at any moment
With 1 click, convert estimates into invoices or work orders
Full estimate system (process) that allows clients and leads to view and accept or decline your proposal online - when they choose you the system will even tell you why
Within Service Autopilot design and link estimate forms directly into your website(s) to effortlessly capture leads and estimate requests into Service Autopilot
  Employee, Contractor & Crew Features  
Collaborate with your team and contractors and track all conversations and tasks
Assign your team tasks and know if they were completed — keep your team accountable
Time Clock - clock in and out from a terminal at your office or from their mobile device
Personal calendar similar to Google Calendar
Track and store completed paperwork such as W-4's, I-9's, employee contracts, NDA's, etc
Security - by employee or contractor specify what they can see and do within Service Autopilot
Know exactly how long it takes to perform each job with easy time tracking
Full mobile functionality from the field
  This is a partial list of features — click here now for the full Tour and Demo  

Service Autopilot Will Fix...

It's for you if you have any of these frustrations & challenges...
lots of scheduling mistakes
charging credit cards is a hard, slow, expensive process
you are under a lot of stress, tired and frustrated with on going problems
estimates go out late and take too long to produce so you don't win the work
your team is wasting time and not as efficient as they could be   can't find your I9's, W4's and employee paper work when you need it
tired of customer complaints   keep forgetting to follow up with leads and client requests
growth is slow   it's nearly impossible to quickly email all your clients a promotion to generate new work
paper work is often turned in late - it's illegible - or it gets lost   don't have an easy way to remember what you last discussed with an important lead
constant double entry of data because it's not all in one intelligent system   you often wonder who's doing what, when and how long will it take
you hate office work and paper work   scheduling work takes up a ton of time
payroll and time tracking is a mess and way too hard to manually track   periodically you forget to do work you promised to get done
tired of trying things that don't work  

you emailed the client an invoice but he says he never got it and that's why he didn't pay it
moving and rescheduling lawn care jobs is — a lot of work   you have no idea which lawn care clients are profitable and which one's are costing you money
your financial records are a mess and will take a long time to make ready for the accountant   you do not take nearly enough vacations - your business isn't yet ready for you to be gone for too long
your employees forget to tell you about customer requests and complaints   your lawn care clients don't pay fast enough and your collections are growing
you don't track referrals and reward & thank your clients to encourage them to refer more   you don't have a score card for how your business is doing with core stats such as conversions, leads, terminations, sales, etc.

If you worked with us — would you like and trust us?


We are working very hard to be known for fast, exceptional customer support. We do not charge extra for support. First, it's our responsibility to make the software easy enough to use that you won't need a lot of support. Second, we don't want you to be scared to call when you have a question because you will have to pay. Support is 100% free.

We will train you and your team. We have over 200 training videos. And we will train your team live as well. We've found over 93% of our new clients never ask for a second training. They call for support, but they don't request additional training. We believe that says a lot about the quality of Service Autopilot. Nearly 35% of our clients never even ask for one live training session.

We use our own software to run Service Autopilot. If you think something's annoying... we've probably already noticed and plan to improve it.

We are not bored with Service Autopilot. We are so excited about our roadmap, what we are working on now and what is coming. We have a full in-house development team that works on it all the time. We have so many exciting things coming. We already have the next two years of development planned. Every two to three weeks we update Service Autopilot with new features and we continue to refine the features we already have.

Have you ever noticed that most software is hard to learn and hard to use? Or just looks really old and outdated. Design is very important. If you want your employees to buy in and use Service Autopilot it has to be easy to use and easy to understand. A common problem with software is that the longer it's been around the 'junkier and more cluttered' the screens are. Not to mention there are 50 million parameters that must be set to use the software. We are very conscious of this risk and work constantly to refine and simplify Service Autopilot to ensure that doesn't happen.

We reduce your IT expenses while at the same time protecting your private data. There isn't anything to install or configure. We back up all of your data multiple times per day. We keep secure, encrypted off site backups. Our servers are private. Your data is not floating around in internet land. No one can access it. Not even our team. Our servers are in the U.S. They are in highly secure facilities.

We do not nickle and dime. All of our pricing is public. There are no hidden costs. Some things are extra so you can save money and not pay for anything you don't need. Rather than charge you 1000's up front, 1000's to upgrade every two years, more money to maintain your backups, an annual support plan, etc. We just role it all into one monthly membership amount to keep it simple, keep your investment to a minimum and give you one easy number to budget for year after year.

We are a private, conservative, debt-free, profitable company. Unlike so many leading edge technology companies we are not building the company to be sold. The companies future existence doesn't depend on one business owner to continue. We do not have outside investors that might force us in a direction that is not in your best interest.  Or worse yet, force us to grow too quickly and jeopardize our ability to support you or remain in business. We will be here for the long run to support you.

We do not own your data. We have no rights to your data. Everything you put into Service Autopilot can either be sync'd with QuickBooks or exported out of Service Autopilot. Our business strategy is not to hold you captive. If we are not a match for you we would prefer you work with the company that is. We do not find it difficult to find new clients. Our ideal client is one that needs exactly what we offer. If we are not for you... we understand.

Finally. It's one thing to be smart at and understand technology. It's a completely different thing to understand our clients business. We understand the lawn care service industry. Running a software company is nothing like running a lawn & landscape company. We are extremely unique in that we really do understand the lawn care industry. When you need help we can offer more than just technology support.


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