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When looking for the best lawn care software, there are a lot of things to consider. The market is changing so fast that it's imperative that if you want the best solution, you need a Cloud based system. You probably need a system that will run on a Mac or a PC. You absolutely need a software solution that will work with iPads, iPhones, Android devices, as well as Samsung, HTC, and all the different types of hardware and devices in the marketplace. The best software solutions work on any device and they work on the web. They're also smart enough that if they lose their cellular signal, they will continue to operate. In other words, the data is synched onto the device.

The very best lawn care software solutions do estimating, can handle pricing, are extremely advanced when it comes to scheduling, and can do invoicing and billing. They should also have an element that allows your clients to login to your website to accept estimates, pay bills, make changes to their account, make requests, and all types of other very important functions that you truly need to be highly competitive. We believe that the very best lawn care and landscape management software is more than just a scheduling solution and can do more than just the invoicing. The best software has the ability to unite your business and bring all the different elements of your business together.

The life cycle of your business is one where a client hears about you on the web, they request an estimate or call your company, they decide to do business with you, you schedule the work, you invoice them, and then you follow up to sell them more. That whole life cycle, with most software solutions, can't be performed. Most software solutions can only solve a small piece of that. Therefore, you end up piecing together two, three, or four different smaller, disconnected systems. We believe the very best lawn care software solution is one that handles all of it. It will run all the different elements of your business and takes you through the full life cycle of your business. In other words, from when your client first hears about you, to the first accounting transaction, all the way through the ongoing relationship and the management of that.

The best lawn care software solutions look like Service Autopilot. They will be full business systems that keep all of your data in one place and is accessible from any device anywhere. They can manage your entire business and will not be broken down into disconnected parts that are challenging to manage. You will not have to do a lot of importing and exporting of data to get accurate reporting. It is impossible to use multiple systems plus Excel and QuickBooks and still be able to run accurate reports.

The very best software solution is one where all of your data is stored in one place so that you can have deep, rich, valuable reporting. That is how you make wise business decisions. That is how you move faster than all of your



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