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Service Autopilot is irrigation software for the irrigation industry. If you run a business that provides irrigation system installation or sprinkler repair to your clients, Service Autopilot is an irrigation software solution that will fit your needs.

Service Autopilot is a full business system that will handle all of your customer relationship management, or CRM. It will track all of your clients and leads, your contact history, e-mail, to-dos, phone calls, as well as keep your company calendar. It will also do your irrigation scheduling and track all of the parts and materials needed.

If you schedule a repair for a client and that repair turns into a service call where you’re using parts and materials, Service Autopilot can track all of those parts and materials. It can invoice all of that work. If you’re using a mobile system, your irrigation technicians can add parts from the field. Those parts can either be placed onto an invoice or can simply be added to the job and not invoiced. You have complete control over how the invoicing of parts and materials work.

We also support installed products. All of your irrigation parts and equipment can be tracked back to a job and back to a client. For example, if you install an irrigation timer at a client’s property, we can track that irrigation timer in Service Autopilot to know the make, model, manufacturer, and warranty information.

Service Autopilot fully syncs with QuickBooks. It’s a full two-way sync, so all of your items in QuickBooks, such as your non-inventory and your inventory products, will sync all the way down into Service Autopilot. They will then flow all the way through to scheduling and to your mobile system so that again, your irrigation techs can add parts and materials from the field.

Your techs can take pictures from the field as well. If there’s a broken sprinkler head or a broken valve, the tech can take a picture of it. It will then, in real time, come back to your team in the office to be sent right there to your customer to show them the broken zone, timer, or whatever to get confirmation and approval to fix their irrigation system.

Service Autopilot is advanced customer management, scheduling, estimating, and accounting. All of it syncs with a full two-way sync to QuickBooks. There is also a mobile system that works on iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Droid devices. Again, if you need an advanced business management system for your irrigation business, if you need irrigation software, then Service Autopilot is your solution.



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