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Service Autopilot is landscape business software. If you're looking for one business solution that will run your landscaping business…your maintenance, irrigation, tree care and all other aspects of your lawn care business, consider Service Autopilot.

We believe that an advanced landscape business software solution must handle all of the Customer Relationship Management functionality, or CRM. That includes the management of your clients, the management of your leads, the communication history, email, to do's, and phone calls. It must keep up with the company calendar and the calendars of all of the individuals that work within the office. The solution must also keep up with detailed estimates, know which ones have been sent, where they are, who is responsible for what, and know which have been won or lost. That same system should also be able to send out estimates to clients and prospects to be viewed on-line and then have the capability to accept or decline them.

An advanced landscape business management system needs to assist with the sales process, which is all part of the CRM. It also must be extremely advanced when it comes to scheduling. Not just with scheduling a job, such as mowing, but also scheduling fertilization and weed control, mowing and maintenance, bush trimming, shrub trimming, irrigation, and landscape projects. It needs to be able to track time across multiple days, across multiple jobs, and have a time clock. It needs to have very detailed, high level scheduling, that will work in all of the different industry segments.

Because this business management software system has all of the CRM data and all of the scheduling data, it should naturally handle all of your billing and keep track of your accounting. It should be able to do all of your invoices, receive payments, apply discounts, refunds, and credits, as well as keep up with aging reports, who owes you money, and client account balances. It should track all of this and then, if you're a QuickBooks user, it should also be able to two-way sync all of that data with QuickBooks.

Your landscape business software should keep up with your marketing, your lead sources, where you are finding your clients, and which lead source is making you the most money. If you're interested in that type of functionality, and you are in need of an advanced landscape business software solution, consider Service Autopilot.



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