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Service Autopilot is landscape software built for the landscape industry. If you run a landscape business and you need a system that can support projects and enhancement work, Service Autopilot has built functionality specific to you. Service Autopilot fully supports maintenance work and all that goes into scheduling that work. It also supports to dos, calls and all of the non-billable activities that go into managing your business. However, landscapers have unique challenges in that, most larger work is project based and can span multiple days. Service Autopilot has built project scheduling for the landscape industry. What this allows you to do is construct multi-step, multi-phased projects, and work them through the process.

As an example, Service Autopilot can support milestones and different phases of the project. It supports progress billing. It supports work orders, change orders, and purchase orders. It will tie your project back to expenses and it will job cost your project. Most software solutions have created a scheduling system that tends to work for scheduling one-day jobs. We identified that landscapers have unique challenges and that most of their work will span multiple days. For that reason, we built landscape software that supports project scheduling.

You can tell the system that you want to bill a portion of the work when 30% has been completed and bill the rest upon completion. Or, you can tell the system that you want a 50% prepayment before the project completes. You can also tell the system that the job includes three milestones and to bill an exact dollar figure or percentage after each phase. If you're billing a $10,000 job, you can tell the system to bill 40% after phase one, 30% after phase two and 30% upon completion.

This system is smart enough to only schedule the work that needs to be performed. But, it can also schedule the phases of the job. For example, at the beginning of the project, you need to measure the project. After phase one is completed, you need the project manager to walk the job site. When the job is completed, you need to walk the job site again. You also need to send someone out to collect the payment and then, you need someone to follow up after the project has been completed to make sure that the client is completely satisfied. All of this is part of project scheduling. All of it is part of project management for landscapers. Service Autopilot is advanced landscaping software for the landscape industry.



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