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So... Here is what we believe our purpose is. Service Autopilot is landscape management software. If you are looking for a system that can manage your landscape business, Service Autopilot is your solution. Don't think of Service Autopilot as design software for your landscaping business. We are more of a landscape business management system. If you're looking for a system to design the landscape, to draw it, something like a CAD type solution, Service Autopilot isn't that type of software. Again, we're a business management system. We are going to manage your customers, your leads, your contact history and all of the notes, as well as all of the important data for every lead and every client. We keep up with your estimates. We can do detailed estimating that includes packages, products, and materials. We can track installed products. If you install an irrigation timer at a commercial property and it's a twenty-four zone timer, we can track that timer including the make, manufacturer, warranty information, and model. We track all of that information back to that property and back to that client.

We are a business system for your landscaping company. We track phone calls and to-dos as well as help you price. We're especially good at pricing on the maintenance side. We can keep up with minimums. For example, when it comes to products and materials, there can be pricing tiers. If you're going to install X number of plants, then we can lower the price for each subsequent plant. As an example, if you're installing a small dwarf holly for one through ten plants, you could have one price. Then, for eleven plus, there could be a different price. Our estimating system allows your clients and prospects to see and approve their estimate online. Once accepted, that estimate can be turned right into scheduled jobs.

A great landscaping software system needs to include project management. We can keep up with times on the job site. We can do multi-day clock in and out. We do staggered clock in, so you could have a foreman or a crew load up the landscaping trailer in the morning with plant material and then, clock in the helpers on that truck thereafter. At the end of the day, he could clock out his team and he could unload by himself. The point there, is that we track time back to drive time, load time, and job time. If the job is a multi-day project, then the crew can clock in in the morning, work until lunch, clock out or take a break, clock back in in the afternoon, and then clock out at the end of the day. When they return the next day, the system will track the time across multiple days.

That is a small, small glimpse of what Service Autopilot can offer. If you're looking for landscape management software to run your landscape business, consider Service Autopilot.



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