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Service Autopilot is lawn care estimating software. If you're looking for a system to help you produce proposals, to help you quote faster, to better price work, Service Autopilot can assist you. We can price by the piece of equipment. For example, if you are bidding a large commercial property and you have broken your property down into square footage, such as areas to be mowed with a 21" mower, versus a 61" rider or a 36" walk-behind, we can take the component parts of the project and help you put together a quote based on production formulas and preset values.

Service Autopilot takes the approach of building advanced estimating software, while keeping it simple. For example, if you are just getting started with Service Autopilot, estimating is as simple as adding a line item to an estimate, specifying a price, pressing Save, and then sending or printing that estimate. Or, if you want to get more advanced, you can use the functionality that I just mentioned in what's called "A Price Matrix." For example, lawn care companies can store production formulas and quote by square footage.

We also support discounting. Any good estimating software will fully support discounts, both at the line item level and with prepayment discounts and full discounting of the estimate.

We also support products and materials packages. We have templates. Any good estimating software will allow you to quickly produce an estimate from a template to save you time. This is especially important if you are doing estimates on mobile devices. It's time consuming to put together an estimate in the field, therefore using a template should help you to quickly add an estimate by clicking one button and specifying pricing.

A critical feature to any great lawn care estimating package, is the ability to allow your clients to accept their proposal online. Service Autopilot allows users to automatically create an estimate and then send that estimate via email to a client or a prospect. That prospect can then click a link inside the email which displays the estimate inside their browser on their computer. They can then accept or decline any proposed line item.

When accepting or declining the proposal, the system is smart enough to ask them why. Why did they choose you, or why did they decide not to accept your proposal? Once accepted, you are automatically notified. A ticket is created inside Service Autopilot. If you choose, you can also be notified by email. You can create an automation that will reach out to your client or prospect that has just accepted the proposal and follow-up with them via email.

After accepting the proposal, whether the client accepts it online, or you manually mark it as won within Service Autopilot, you can click a few buttons to turn the proposal, the estimate, into automatically scheduled work. This completely eliminates the need to re-key the information that you already put together on the proposal.

Down the road, if someone on your team is scheduling work, Service Autopilot is smart enough to consider all past estimates. For example, if you are estimating bush trimming, it will figure out the price on the most recently accepted bush trimming estimate and it will automatically load that price into the system. In other words, when someone on your team schedules work you can be absolutely certain that the system will use the last estimated price, the correct price.

If you're looking for a very powerful quoting and proposal system, Service Autopilot is your solution.



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