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Service Autopilot is lawn care scheduling software built for the lawn care and landscape industry. Service Autopilot was built because there was a major problem with software solutions in the marketplace when it came to scheduling. In the lawn care industry, there are a tremendous number of transactions involved in scheduling, especially on the residential side of the lawn care business. You have to manage so many moving parts and so many transactions. Many individual services are scheduled and there are many jobs per day. For example, in residential lawn mowing, in a lot of southern markets, we see upwards of 30-plus properties, 30-plus customers, mowed per day.

Then, in other markets, where you have lawn care clients that you can charge more for the lawn service, we’ll see a scheduling scenario where you take care of ten properties in a day. Whether you’re doing lawn mowing, or you’re doing lawn care such as fertilization and weed control, bush trimming, aeration, and irrigation work, there are so many transactions, that we constructed a system that lets you schedule from five different calendar views. We’ll let you schedule from what we refer to as a dispatch board.

On top of just scheduling, routing and ordering the work that needs to be done and by which crew or technician, the other challenge is, if you are not using a mobile system, you need some means to quickly close out your day, to say which jobs were completed, cancelled, skipped, or need to be rescheduled.

Service Autopilot has built a scheduling software package that allows you to quickly see all of the work that’s going on today, or tomorrow, within your business from different views. You can use map-based views, grid-based views, and calendar-based views to make scheduling and routing decisions quickly. You will be able to see daily how much money you will be generating and know how many jobs each crew, technician, or employee will have scheduled and completed.

The majority of the time, software solutions outside of the lawn care industry, are inadequate. They simply cannot handle the volume of data that you need to see on the screen at one time. For that reason, Service Autopilot was conceived to solve the problem of scheduling in the lawn care and landscape industry. It can handle all of the transactions, all of the jobs, and all of the moving parts that go into this business. The scheduling portion of Service Autopilot was specifically built just for the landscape maintenance industry.

If you want to solve your scheduling challenges, and you want to quickly schedule and get your crews out the door, take a look at Service Autopilot to solve your scheduling problems.



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