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Service Autopilot is lawn care software that will work on your iPhone. We fully support all Apple devices. Whether you're using an iPad or an iPhone, Service Autopilot will work. We work on all the different versions of iPads. Whether you're using the operating system as far back as version 4, or the newest iOS, Service Autopilot will work on your iPhone or iPad. We have a mobile app that's in the Apple store that you can download that will run on your device. It is a true app that installs onto your iPad. A small portion of your data is stored on that device, so that if you lose your cellular connection during the day, Service Autopilot will continue to function.

We've built Service Autopilot to comply with all of the Apple standards. We integrate with the GPS device in your phone. We integrate with the camera. And, we support signature capture. All of the advanced functionality that you would expect Service Autopilot to be able to perform on your iPad, iPhone, or any Apple device, is built right into the app that is, again, available in the App store for both iPhone and iPad. If you need advanced business-management software for your lawn care and landscape irrigation business that runs on your iPad, Service Autopilot is your answer.



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