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Service Autopilot is advanced lawn maintenance software. Whether you're just mowing lawns, or you're providing fertilization and weed control, Service Autopilot has the maintenance software that will help solve the challenge of scheduling.

Maintenance businesses must job cost their work to be successful. If you want to be competitive in your lawn maintenance business, your software solution must track job times for every job, every crew, every technician, and give you a daily report of exactly how much money you made or lost based on each maintenance job performed. We call this job costing. Job costing should analyze your entire day, compare each job to all other work performed for that day, and tell you whether you are hitting your goals.

The maintenance business is so competitive that you must make sure that you're hitting your margins on every route every day. That's why we've built an advanced lawn maintenance software solution. Using what we refer to as a dispatch board, we give you one view that allows you to see everything that's going on for the entire day. This dispatch board can show your data in a list or grid format, as well as a map-based format. It will produce routing so that you can route all of your jobs, reorganize your work, or change your schedule on the fly throughout the day.

If you're using the mobile system, it will automatically notify your team in the field that their schedule has changed. If you need to re-route in the middle of the day, with two clicks you can re-route the day, and your mobile crews will automatically be notified. If you're not using a mobile system, Service Autopilot can generate route sheets and work orders. You can print them right out of the system. For example, if you are performing nine jobs for a crew today, it'll print the nine jobs out in the order that the crew is supposed to perform the work. At the end of the day, when they turn in their clipboard with their route sheet, you can quickly scan the route sheet and close out their entire day.

You can text message your crews in the field as well as update their route on the fly during the day. You can email your clients if there's a weather delay, or if something about the schedule changes, or if you're running late. Your maintenance crews from the field, if you allow them using privileges, can notify your clients when they are on the way. They can also close out work and track job times by simply clicking two buttons, a red or a green button. They can take pictures from the field and even track their GPS position. You can see on the map exactly where your crews are in the field as they're performing the maintenance work.

There are so many features and functions built right into the software. We analyzed exactly what it takes to run a high level, highly competitive, highly profitable maintenance business. We built a software solution to solve the exact problem that is unique to maintenance companies. If you need advanced lawn care maintenance software, Service Autopilot is your solution.



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