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Service Autopilot is lawn care mowing software. Mowing businesses have the unique challenge of scheduling. Most industries do not have to schedule that many transactions per day. But, for most lawn care companies, there are so many moving parts and so many transactions, you absolutely must have an advanced scheduling system.

Service Autopilot was created specifically for mowing businesses. When we created the scheduling portion of Service Autopilot, we considered the unique challenges that mowing maintenance businesses have. Service Autopilot has a scheduling dispatch board, multiple calendar and map views, routing, and all of the necessary components to manage a lawn mowing business that are built right into Service Autopilot. You can text message your team from the field and manage your crews. When employees do not show up for the day, you can quickly drag, drop and remove individuals from the crew within the system.

Mowing businesses have the unique challenge of having to move work around on the fly when rain happens or when weather conditions cause a problem. We have the ability to quickly notify clients via email in the example of a weather delay. All of this can be done from one screen.

We've created something extremely unique called the dispatch board that allows lawn mowing businesses to quickly schedule, skip, move, delay, or reschedule jobs. At the same time, if you're not using a mobile system that allows your mowing crews to clock in and out of each job thereby allowing you to quickly close out work and track their job times for job costing reasons, we've created something called the closeout day view. This allows your mowing crews to turn in route sheets. You can quickly scan the route sheets, see exactly what was done and not done, and close their entire day out for invoicing purposes in just minutes.

Again, if you're not using mobile devices to automatically track start and stop times at each lawn mowing job, the dispatch board, using the closeout day view, allows you to quickly punch in regular or military time the start/end times for each job.

This is critical so that you can analyze every one of your mowing customers and know which mowing customer is priced correctly. It's crucial that a great lawn care mowing software solution provides you detailed high level job costing. This will ensure that all of the lawn mowing jobs on your route are priced accurately so that you're maximizing the total value of that route, thereby maximizing the profits that the mowing route generates for your business.

If you need advanced lawn care mowing software, Service Autopilot is the solution.



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