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Service Autopilot is snow plowing software for the snow and ice industry. Most other software systems contain scheduling that has been built to work for lawn care and landscaping, and is simply a generic scheduling system that has been created.

What we have found is that the snow and ice industry must have a unique scheduling system built just for the snow plowing industry. There are just too many moving parts. With all of the different jobs that you perform, the way that it is scheduled and billed, and as quickly as the storms can hit, it is impossible to use a traditional scheduling system.

Service Autopilot built a scheduling system just for snow plowing, shoveling, and ice management. This scheduling system considers the on-demand nature of the snow industry.

For example, you never know when the snow storm is going to hit. You have to be able to pre-plan your exact routes and these routes need to be planned according to time of day. Your route for when the storm hits at noon may be completely different than if that storm hits at 4am right before a shift ends for one of your properties.

The snow scheduling functionality built into Service Autopilot considers timing, routing, and priority levels. For example, certain jobs might need to be performed above other jobs. If Starbucks is closed at 3:00 in the morning, do you really need to plow that job first? Or, do you need to plow the job that has employees on site, working through the night?

The scheduling system of Service Autopilot built specifically for the snow plowing industry is advanced in that it solves all of the challenges that are unique to snow service providers.

Pricing can be set in tiers, and no matter how you price your work, whether it's covered under contact or if it is billed by the inch or the push, Service Autopilot considers that.

For each client, you can set billing separately for snow plowing, shoveling, salting, and ice management. You can specify each as being under contract, being seasonal, or being billed by the push or by the inch.

The system is smart enough to determine how many times you were at the property for one storm, so we can also track by the storm.

If you bill by the storm by inch, Service Autopilot has the capability to calculate all of the inches that were pushed during that storm to arrive at the final amount that needs to be billed back to the client for snow plowing, shoveling, and ice management.

Service Autopilot scheduling for the snow industry was built specifically for the snow and ice industry. It's not rehashed software built for the lawn care industry.



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